State Branches

Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd has active branches in following states:

  New South Wales (NSW)

State Manager Kirsten Ramage 
State Coach Joel Hudson and Ray Owen
State Assistant Coach N/A
State Team Manager N/A
State Competition Manager Chris Aslan, Sarah Owen, Rod Sutton
State Officiating Manager Patrick Whymark
State Anti-Doping Manager Cammilla White
State Social Media Karen Ho
State Athlete Representative Mirelle Khoury
State Workplace Trainer Pei Gan
Member Protection Information Officer Demi Poon

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

State Manager Alistair Buttimore
State Coach Joe Matthews
State Assistant Coach Steph Radovanovic (also as Team Captain)
State Team Manager Tegan Buttimore 
State Competition Manager Tegan Buttimore 
State Officiating Manager Romano Gaspardis
State Anti-Doping Manager TBA
State Social Media Tammy Gaspardis
State Athlete Representative Kim Stevenson
State Workplace Trainer Romano Gaspardis, Katrina Tonkin & Joe Matthews

 Queensland (QLD)

State Manager Colin Webb
State Coach Colin Webb
State Assistant Coach TBA
State Team Manager TBA
State Competition Manager Lachlan Green
State Officiating Manager Helen Allen
State Anti-Doping Manager Sean Muir
State Social Media Kelly Wanray
State Athlete Representative Cass Pickard & Abe Walton
State Workplace Trainer Sean Muir

    Western Australia (WA)

State Manager TBA
State Coach Paul Rucci
State Assistant Coach Jacob Sofianos and Rob Bezant
State Team Manager TBA
State Competition Manager Paul Rucci
State Officiating Manager Liisi Kreen
State Anti-Doping Manager Liisi Kreen
State Social Media Paul Rucci
State Athlete Representative TBA
State Workplace Trainer TBA