The Words from President and Meet Director_1st Australian Classic Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships

Dear Members,

It has been an amazing start for the year for the Australian Powerlifting Union and we are not even finished yet.

Thanks to all our members, we have a culture that is supportive, humble, inclusive, fair and trustworthy along with some seriously world class talent.

The amount of lifters seen at the first Australian Classic Powerlifting Championships was unexpectedly large. With 147 competitors from over 315 members, in a very short 10 months of existence we indeed seem to have very active members, and we will strive to keep it this way.

Regardless of the impressive amount of athletes we have may have been, we will stay focused APU’s core values ahead of volume.

Our core values consist of the following:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Excellence

Running a championship of this size with no limitation of entries (besides qualifying totals) is an incredible art however the three days of championships were executed to near perfection. There could be not better person to take the role of meet director at a championship like this than Mr. Max Bristow.  With many years of running championships under his belt, Max stuck to what he knows works and he was on spot the mark.

Personally I have competed at four Australian Championships directed by Max and I have the fortune of performing near my best at these championships. Credit to his ability to let the lifters focus on their lifting and run things as planned.

The championship had a spread of athletes from all across Australia. The states represented with an APU subcommittee were New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, West Australia, and Queensland. Victoria and South Australia were represented by athletes but we will certainly support the growth in these areas along with Northern Territory and support the development of subcommittees in their state/territory.

To add to his already busy schedule, Max mentored two State referees who progressed to National Referees over the 3 days.

Mr. Max Bristow and I will be running state/national referee courses throughout the country to fill a shortfall of referees in some places.

The presence of Anti-doping on all three days was encouraging and positive. While it may not be possible to guarantee a totally clean sport, we will always aim for 100% clean. We will need support from everyone if we are to get close to 100% clean. 

Our nominated anti-doping service provider has expanded to now have Doping Control Officers on both sides of the Continent. This will be extremely helpful for managing our target and random testing.

The highest placed athletes who qualified for international championships over the Australian Championships on the weekend are the primary selections for the 2019 Asia Pacific, IPF World Classic and the Commonwealth Championships. These events are then available for other athletes who may be able to fill any gaps left from divisions not applied for with a qualifying total at other events such as State Championships. This applies for Powerlifting and Bench Press events.

The achievements from all were astounding but the best part for me was to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and the support amongst each other was evident. Powerlifting is indeed a team sport. The trust I had for Max to set the standard at the first Australian Championships has paid off and the championship will take some work to match. Well done Max and to all our members, I am extremely proud to represent you all.


Yours in Strength

Sean Muir

APU Ltd President



Dear All,


I would like to thank Sean Muir for giving me the opportunity to running the very first Australian Classic Powerlifting Championships, and Tyo Muir for all your help.

I am very happy with the way the Australian Classic was run with most states helping in many ways, to help make the Australian classic run so smoothly.

This was the first time that States have competed against States for a longtime; it was like a breath of fresh air to see the states back again.

Over the 3 day of lifting we have seen some great lifting done, Congratulation to all states for making this happen.

The Big thank you goes out to all the Referees 7 sessions = 21 National referees, you all did a great job.

Spotter loaders another big thank you to all the spotter loaders from all states helped on the platform 7 sessions 35 spotter loaders.

The running of the table was no different so many people came and gave there time to make the table work. A big thank you to all.

Announcer where no different all states contributed but I have to give a big thank to Katrina Robertson for all her time and effort, job well done.

I also sent back to WA 2 young ladies that have passed there National referees Exam and also refereed at the Australian Classic 2018 you are now the leader for referees in WA.

My final comment APU is only 10 month old and the growing result from all competition and membership is showing we are heading in the right direction for all.

I thank all new state Manager you have done a great job in putting your team together, and being the leader for you states.

Also all the state coaches you have also done a great job for your states.


GOD Bless you all.

Best Regards

Max Bristow