The 1st APU Special Olympics Competition 2019


On March 12th 2019 the Australian Powerlifting Union hosted its first Special Olympics Powerlifting Event, with much success. The competition was a push pull event, meaning the lifters performed bench press and deadlifts or one of the two lifts only. We had 11 lifters step up to the platform with some fantastic lifts.

The day started off with the group getting together to weigh in. Followed by some time to relax with family and friends and fuel up before it was time to get into it.

The athletes warmed up out the back with the help of our volunteers. Everyone was excited to get started and warms ups flew by. Once the athletes were warm and the platform was ready we over to get in our lifting order. As each athlete went up to give their attempts the area behind the screens was full of smiles, muscle offs and high fives.

I have never seen athletes with so much passion and confidence stepping on that platform. Every single athlete gave it their best out on the platform and the crowd cheered them on.

Thanks to Titan we have been donated 10 soft suits for use by our Special Olympic athletes. Sadly that didn’t show up in time for our first event but we were able to secure soft suits from other lifters from the event for the athletes to use.

Our first special Olympics Powerlifting event was one that shows exactly what the sport is about; comradery, passion and doing your best. If this group doesn’t inspire others to get out and give it a try I don’t know what would. We look forward to several of these Athletes coming to our National Championships in Perth later this year and hope other athletes and coaches in other states will come on board to grow this faction of the sport.


Contributor: Kelly Wanray