New IPF Formulation

My dear friends, 

I have the pleasure to announce the implementation of the new IPF Formulation that shall replace the Wilks Formula. Due to the changes in our sport the past several years, the Wilks Formula became outdated and needed to be replaced. 

In order to make this change, the IPF created a Working Group containing two professors from Chemnitz University to evaluate all of the systems that were submitted for review. To ensure objectivity, it was important to have professionals external to the IPF review the new Formula to be sure we have the best formula for our athletes. 

I want thanks to all those who contributed to the complete success of this projects. 

To close, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and very successful new year! 

Thank you, 

Gaston Parage 
International Powerlifting Federation 

IPF Formula  *updated 4 January 2019