(IPF Announcement)

27 July 2020

Dear IPF Member Federations, dear Lifters,

With this information, the IPF announces the termination of the Equipment License Agreement between the IPF and Metal Sports with immediate effect of the reason of non fulfilling the agreement terms.

The result of this agreement termination is that Metal Sports Equipment will be deleted from the IPF approved list.

The IPF Executive Committee also decided, to allow lifters to use Metal Sports Equipment, which was on the IPF approved list, until end of 2021 (31.December 2021) on all IPF competitions on World, Regional and National level. With this the IPF EC wants to prevent the situation that lifters will be harmed.


On behalf of the IPF Executive Committee
Gaston Parage
IPF President



9 June 2020


Dear APU Members,

With the recent media coverage of the fatality of George Floyd while under the restraint of Police Officers, APU would like to remind its members and associates of its core values that it upholds and supports.

APU values that we have set include:
Support, Humility, Integrity, Fairness and Trust.

Our board is fully committed to these values and we expect our committees, athletes, coaches, clubs, state branches, supporters, and stakeholders that we associate with to be aligned with these values.

Regarding a social media post made by METAL (Powerlifting apparel) founder which appears to mock George Floyd, we (APU Board) believe the contents of that post were not in line with APU cultures and values. As such, the APU board has decided to remove any signs, labels or promotions of Metal from all our APU Sanctioned competitions – EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

If you use any metal apparel, please read the following:

The trade name “METAL” (referring to Metal Powerlifting Apparel) or any of its recognised brand shall be entirely covered to the chief referee’s satisfaction at any APU sanctioned competition and during the entirety of the competition.

When we receive more information from the IPF, the APU will consider further sanctions.


Yours in Strength

Sean Muir and the APU Board