Message from APU Board — Anti-Doping —

Dear APU Members,

As the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd. (APU) continues to grow in membership, number of competitions (local through to international) as well as structure (ie: introduction of state bodies), it is important to highlight the stringent anti-doping policies and procedures that are being implemented.

As a recent example, at the 2018 APU WA State Championship, a number of “in-competition“ tests were conducted by Professional Worldwide Controls (PWC) who are an independent ISO certified Anti Doping service provider.

APU has engaged the services of PWC to conduct tests (both in-competition and out-of-competition) on behalf of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) who strictly adhere to all WADA regulations and guidelines. APU has zero tolerance for athletes who wish to engage in doping activities to gain an unfair advantage. As such, APU remains steadfast in its rigorous approach to ensuring all members, whether they be local competitors through to elite international lifters, enjoy the sport of Powerlfiting in a fair environment.

We would like to thank the International Powerlifting Federation for the tremendous support they have provided in building the relationship between APU, IPF and PWC. We look forward to a continuing the agreement together for a long and effective future.

Kindest regards,
APU Board