Key Messages from APU


Prepared by the IPF attorney for the IPF official response.

20 Nov 2018


On October 31, 2018, the Civil Court rendered its decision regarding the proceedings brought by Powerlifting Australia (PA), Oceania Powerlifting Federation (OPF) and Robert Wilks (the “Claimants”) against the IPF.

The Report made by Robert Wilks does not accurately represent the reality of the Court’s decision and, in particular omitted certain important details that are adverse to the Claimants’ position. 

In reality, the Claimants’ primary requests before the Court were for the dissolution of the IPF, the cancellation of all sports competitions held since November 2010 and the reintegration of Wilks in the IPF Executive Committee.

Important, none of these principal requests were granted by the court. The first two were rejected outright. Although the court did cancel the General Assembly decision not to approve Wilks’s appointment to the IPF Executive Committee as the Oceania representative, it did so only for technical reasons (i.e. the fact that grounds were not provided). Moreover, the Court refused to step into the shoes of the IPF General Assembly and to appoint Wilks to the Executive Committee.

Whereas it is true that the Court found that the statutory amendments made on the occasions of the IPF General Assemblies between 2008 and 2017 were null for purely technical reasons (in particular, related to quorum requirements under Luxembourg law), this does not mean that other decisions taken at those General Assemblies are affected. 

In particular, the quasi unanimous decisions of the 2017 IPF General Assembly to exclude the PA, OPF and Wilks from the IPF and its activities remains valid based on the Constitution/By-laws and Luxembourg Law.


LUX Civil Court Judgement_English

LUX Civil Court Judgement_French



Re: News about The Affiliation Status of APU with IPF


To all concerned;

The APU is the only IPF affiliate in Australia and will continue to remain as the only affiliate.

The IPF will be releasing their official statement in a timely manner.

Any journalistic reports or interviews will be conducted by an independent, non-biased organisation.

Requests from individuals that wish to provide any articles or stories that do not provide reliable sources or that may have a bias view (to either side) can do so, but they will not be supported or promoted by APU.

The APU has not been requested to change any agreements of its affiliation with IPF and as such, is not affected. All championships are secure.


Yours in Strength

Sean Muir
On behalf of APU Board

Copenhagen, 11 Nov 2018.