Key Messages from APU


Re: IPF Recognition


Dear APU Members,

I am delighted with the 2019 International Powerlifting Federations (IPF) General Assembly vote in favour of the inclusion of Australian Powerlifting Union as a Full Member* of the IPF.

The decision was unanimously made on 17 November 2019 in Dubai.

APU strive to continuously improve and to see a huge growth in Australia align with APU Vision and Mission as well as APU Values and Cultures.

APU will continue to provide support and participants to regional and international events that are held in accordance with the IPF and APU rules.

Following discussions between the IPF Executive Committee, APU and New Zealand Powerlifting Federation, We believe that the path for growth in our Nations is well and truly in capable hands. The IPF is fully supporting our progress and will continue to support our Nations for International competitions.

To the IPF, thank you for your tremendous support.

To all the APU Board, Committee, State Managers and Members, Congratulations!


Yours in Strength,


Sean Muir

APU President

Dubai, 20 Nov 2019



5.1 Membership

The membership of the IPF consists of national affiliates active in powerlifting. The IPF can recognise only one member (organisation) as a National Federation from each country as defined by the IOC glossary. An IPF member nation cannot be a member of another international organization that is not recognized or approved by the IPF. The recognition of a National Federation will be done in agreement with the Olympic Charter (Chapter 3, Article 26), and following the regulations contained in these statutes. The IPF will inform the NOC of the country in question. The National Federations affiliated to the IPF must be independent inside their own country, i.e. must not accept any political or other interference from persons or institutions from outside of the Federation. The members of the Executive Committee and the President must be elected democratically by the National Federations members, and have the passport or residency of the country concerned. The IPF Executive Committee shall investigate each case of interference into the autonomy of its National Federation and decide about measures according to IPF rules. All affiliated Federations and their members shall recognise the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne as the only external body for jurisdiction, applying the Code of Sports-Related Arbitration for all disputes which cannot be settled amicably through mediation. However all internal legal remedies must be exhausted before referring a matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. A new member nation must be affiliated to the IPF before it can be affiliated to its regional federation. The IPF respects the autonomy of its affiliated members with respect to matters that do not have an international dimension, do not breach the IPF Constitution, By-Laws or other IPF rules or regulations and do not otherwise negatively affect the IPF.

The national Federations affiliated to the IPF shall not be affiliated to any other organisation with similar objects to those of the IPF and, in particular, to any organisation purporting to be, or seeking to become, a worldwide governing body for powerlifting. This restriction shall be explicitly set out in the Constitution of the affiliated National Federation.

Categories of IPF Membership:

5.1.1 Full Member

5.1.2 Provisional Member

A Provisional Member may only compete in world championships by the decision of the IPF Executive or in regional championships by decision of the Regional Executive. However, once granted permission, a Provisional Member shall have all competition rights but no vote. The Executive will be authorised to decide the amount of annual subscription required from a Provisional Member. All countries applying for membership shall, upon approval by the Executive Committee after a thorough examination of a set of basic membership criteria to be established by them and payment of the annual subscription fee, be granted provisional membership of the IPF subject to ratification at the next General Assembly.