Australian Schools Get a Lift with APU at Sports Accord 2019


Some up and coming talent was on display at the 2019 Sports Accord Summit held on the beautiful Gold Coast. From QLD Schools, Indooroopilly State High School and Padua College, we witnessed 6 athletes showing the strong crowd a flawless display of technique of Deadlifts.

From Indooroopilly we had 2 lifters, Nicolas and Ella.
Ella, who uses a sumo stance when she deadlifts keeping a wider stance, opened with a 50kg deadlift. She then second that with a 55kg deadlift then her final lift she picked up 60kg.
Nicolas who uses a conventional stance, which requires closer foot stance, also hails from Indooroopilly started his lift with a 60kg deadlift. Nicolas first succeeded with 60kg then his second attempt was successful at 70kg and his final attempt was 75kg which he succeeded in.

From Padua we had 4 lifters Nick, Noah, Darcy and Lachlan, all from Rugby or Rugby League backgrounds.
All the boys from Padua used the conventional stance in their lifting.

Nick opened with an easy 70kg then took a second attempt of 80kg and left a lot in the tank for the third attempt which was 100kg Nick got better by the lifts and took his third attempt like it was a warm up.

Noah lifted his opener of 70 like a beast then took a second attempt of 80kg and with perfect form he made his last attempt an easy 100kg.

Darcy also opened with 70kg then his second attempt was strong at 80kg and come out for number 3 relaxed but confident and showed why with a 100kg easy lift.

Lachlan was on the platform with some big jumps from 80kg opener to 90kg second attempt. Not scared of the big stage or the big weights Lachlan come out for his 3rd attempt of 120kg and locked it out at the top to produce the biggest deadlift of the show with impeccable form.

That capped a perfect day of 18 attempts and 18 successes from a well-trained group of athletes.

Our focus with the youth athletes will continue on good form, technique and injury prevention.

Delivering strength gains to the youth provides a multifaceted effect not only to other sports to other benefits such as confidence building, commitment, responsibility and goal setting.

Special thanks to Gerard Parle from Padua College for bringing the lifters to our demonstration.

We look forward to working together again in the future.

Special thanks also to Indooroopilly
State High School for allowing Nic and Ella to participate as well as IPF for their support and inviting the APU to put on a show and Sports Accord along with Gold Coast Sports Festival.


Contributor: Sean Muir