APU State Committee Application Form

Dear APU Members,


The APU will be calling for Committees that will provide support directly to APU for state issues.

The committees will be representing the state they reside and should come from areas that will be purposeful in supporting the growth of our sport. Such areas may include inchoate, lurking or dormant but potential growth areas. While the purpose of each committee member may include other responsibilities, the intention of the state development committee is to make the sport grow.

While most states have started these roles, APU will encourage everyone to reach out and work towards building these roles. We want to make sure that the committees that are in place are working with you to making the sport better in your state.

Not everyone is cut out to be on a board, and it is important to ensure that the people are on the board for the right reason. Please visit the link from Play by the rules “Tips for Board Members” for issues we may face.


Up to 10-person State Committee

  • Self-nominated or nominated by APU member
  • Each committee member must complete online training (eg: play by the rules or ASADA)
  • Committee member will be approved by the board

The committee’s purpose is:

  • decide fairly the distribution of competitions including local, state and national championships held in their respective state
  • assist in the management of competition, including ensuring compliance at all events
  • organisation of state championships, and national events that are hosted by state
  • promote the APU by supporting championships throughout the state
  • make decisions on the distribution such as lifting equipment, state delegated equipment
  • assist in managing member complaints and conflicts etc in the area, in accordance with the APU Policies.
  • assist in supporting interstate events such as providing refereeing, spotting, services, equipment etc.

This will be a working committee who will be under the directions of the APU Board. Each person in the committee would (ideally) have roles that will assist in delivering a function in the state. Each committee will be required to have one person as the state committee spokesperson for each state.

Examples of roles may be:

  • OC1 State Competition Manager
  • OC2 State Head Coach
  • OC3 State results manager
  • OC4 State Team manager
  • OC5 State Officiating manager
  • OC6 Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • OC7 State Athletes representative

Each state is going to be different so a copy and paste role description is “not” going to be suffice to provide to these roles. It is important that each person communicates and develops their roles as they proceed. We will provide the current info on these roles, but we expect that they will change. Importantly though, communication about these changes should be made to the State manager and from the State manager to the APU. This is an important responsibility.



Sean Muir

APU President


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