APU Opened The Eyes of The Powerlifting World

APU’s first IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2018 was put together with some incredibly determined people in the amazing time frame of under 6 months. To believe we could get prepared enough for any athlete to get to these worlds was a big task, but we not just the job done, we put together a team of 14 and produced some outstanding results, brought home a bag full full of medals, world records and world champions. The world saluted us for our effort and success. 
Masters 2 Womens:
It started with our Masters lifters. Our first lifter on the platform was Femmy Ayegun in the M2 -57kg Women’s division. All Femmy’s squats were successful with a first attempt squat of 105kg followed up with a 110kg second attempt and then a tidy 112.5kg Squat to position herself nicely in the pack. Femmy then set the benchmark with a Gold Medal in the Bench Press discipline with a 72.5kg Bench press to take the Gold. In the Deadlift Femmy then pulled a superb 157.5kg World record then topping that with a 160kg Deadlift to break the World record again and become APU’s first ever World Champion with a 345kg total!! Femmy also took out 2nd place overall for all M2 Women.
Julie Henderson lifting in the -84kg M2 Women’s had a slight mishap with her second attempt Squat of 132.5kg, made no mistake in her third attempt at the same weight to put her in 4th place in the Squat, missing out for a medal only by body weight. Julie went into the Bench with a comfortable 70kg then a successful second attempt of 72.5kg lined her up for medal contention if she pressed a further 5kg however 77.5kg was a bit too much on the day. Into the deadlifts and Julie had plenty in the tank pulling a 155kg with a new APU total Women’s M2 84kg record of 360kg. Julie finished 4th overall in her class.

Masters 2 and 3 Mens:
Kelvin Aitken came into the 120kg+ M3 Mens as a possible Gold medal hope and opened with a 190kg Squat then a 202.5kg success on the second put him in a nice position for a possible Gold medal total. His third squat went horribly wrong and Kelvin lost the weight and injured his tricep in the process. Kelvin completed to competition with a token 25kg Bench Press and a 150kg Deadlift to take bronze medal over all and a silver for his Squat. 
Dean McGarry performed in the -74kg M2 Men’s class and opened with a 160kg Squat followed by a 175kg second success but a 185kg third attempt was too much for him on the day. His Bench Press opener was 112.5kg was all that was left after his second and third attempts were waved away by the judges. Coming into his Deadlift, Dean opened with a super 227.5kg to put him in front in the Deadlifts but after a bit of jet lag vertigo affecting his next lifts, Dean succumbed to only his opening lift but still gathered a Bronze medal with his big opener. He finished 7th overall in his class.

Masters 1 Womens:
Brigot Pugh stepped onto a platform as favourite in the Women’s M1 -57kg class and took a 120kg Squat opener missing her second and third attempts but still in a commanding position. Brigot then got a 70kg Bench success followed by a further 75kg on the board but 77.5kg was red lighted by the judges. Into the Deadlifts and Brigot was confident. Opening with a super 170kg to give her a 7.5kg edge on her closest competitor after the first Deadlifts. Brigot pulled her next 2 lifts 180kg and 187.5kg (World record and Gold medal) to total 382.5kg and give her Gold and World champion status in her division and APU’s 2nd World Champion!! Brigot also took out 2nd place overall for the M1 Women.
In the -63kg Womens, Cass Pickard who came in as the reigning title holder but could not be complacent with Abi Graham from Great Britain right on her tail this year. Cass came in with 147.5kg Squat to take Gold in the opening discipline. In the Bench Press, Cass dropped her opening but inched her way forward getting the next 2 Benches to put a third lift of 75kg Bench on the scoreboard. Coming into the Deadlifts and things were very tight. Her first deadlift of 185kg looked strong and Cass put a 7.5kg increase into her next lift try to pull away from the Great Britain. Abi, from Great Britain pulled her 175kg second attempt to edge back closer closer to Cass. Cass, on her 192.5kg second lift struggled with the lock and was Red lighted, giving hope for Abi. A fired up Abi came out for her third and got the white lights from the judges meaning that Cass needed to pull her last to secure the gold. A very determined Cass backed herself to pull a 195kg and got the lock out right on the third pull to win and become the 3rd World Champion for APU!!!
In the same competition, Zoe Deeks stepped onto the platform with a purpose and dynamic attitude clawing every squat in to take the third successful attempt of 130kg. In her specialty lift, the Bench she opened with an easy 85kg and then a second attempt of 90kg to take the Commonwealth Powerlifting record and Gold medal position in the Bench Press. Abi Graham from Great Britain matched her 90kg which meant that Zoe needed a 92.5kg third attempt Bench Press to take Gold due to body weight difference (Abi was lighter). The final lift of 92.5kg for Zoe was close but not enough energy left to press out. Zoe finished 4th overall in her class.

Masters 1 Mens:
Sean Muir was next in the -74 M1 Men’s class and after a light preparation due to a back and hip issue Sean came in far from peaking for this competition. There was a glimmer of hope however with a 190kg 3rd attempt successful Squat but then a less than best 122.5kg Bench Press set him way back in the field. The Deadlifts revealed the lack of training with a 232.5kg the best he could come up with and the 245kg not moving. Sean finished 7th overall in his class missing a medal in all disciplines for the first time. 

Sub Juniors:
Ewan Belgrove in the Sub Jr -83 class came in with impressive numbers and he continued to impress the international stars with an amazing squat of 267.5kg World Sub Jr record moving easily. His third attempt of 280kg looked close but judges ruled depth but Ewan was in a good position. Ewan Benched an opener of 155kg and 160 second attempt passed with his third attempt another World Sub Jr record of 166kg getting the white lights from the judges. Ewan came into the Deadlifts with a big lead but had a slight hiccup with lockout issue on the second. Ewan corrected himself on the third and took the World Championships as the Sub Jr -83kg Mens. World Champion number 4 for APU!!! Ewan also took out 2nd best lifter of all male sub juniors.

Next was the Juniors and Rachel Jones in the -57 Junior class came in as another reigning champion but stated off slow in the Squats, only getting one attempt in at 147.5kg, although taking the Gold medal in doing so. Attempts were vital and Rachel put together her next 3 bench presses to put 75kg onto her total and come into the Deadlifts with a small lead. Rachel opened with a 157.5kg opening Deadlift and her second attempt success was 165kg. It was down to the final lifts and it was like a game of chess out the back with the Australian, the Russian, the British, Norwegian coaches all working tactics out to strangle the opponents. Rachel however proved that tactics aside, nothing beats a strong lift, pulling a 172.5kg to take the Gold medal and retain her status as World Champion!! World Champion number 5 for APU! Rachel also came 3rd overall for Junior Women.
Kevin Bui lifted in the 83kg Men’s Jr. Kevin came in with a wrist injury but still managed to put a 200kg Squat on the board and a 140kg Bench Press. Kevin’s trademark is his Deadlift, which he came to these worlds riding his hopes on. Kevin opened with 280kg pull that flew up followed by a 300kg second attempt. His third lift of 316.5kg was a World Record attempt and the crowd favourite put everything into it but got stuck at the knees. Kevin secured a Bronze medal for his Deadlift and finished 7th overall in his class.
James Frecklington was our last Junior lifting in the -93kg division. His opening attempts of 210kg looked like a warm up and 220kg came up nicely. James then put a further 12.5kg on the bar but was ruled unsuccessful on his third attempt. Going into the bench with a 137.5kg then followed up with a 142.5kg second attempt. 147.5kg was just too much on the day but James was coming into his best lifts next, the Deadlifts. A conservative 265 got a total on the board for James with 282.5 moving nicely as a second attempt. James put his cards on the table and nominated a 295kg 3rd attempt to try to snatch a bronze medal in the very strong 93kg division but pulled it as far as his thighs but couldn’t get further. He finished 5th overall for the Deadlift and 9th for his class.

Andi Carlisle was our first open lifter at this meet in the -52 class and she was put straight under the pump with a depth issue on her squats missing her first 2 attempts. Andi kept calm and composed and walked out on her 3rd squat with some big crowd support and she didn’t disappoint as she nailed her 3rd lift to be on the board and in the game. With optimism, good attitude and determination, Andi opened her bench with 82.5kg then pushing an 87.5kg second to become the -52kg Women’s Open APU bench press record holder and 5th for Bench in this class. Andi missed her 3rd at 90kg but had some energy left for the Deadlifts. Andi opened her Deads with a 132.5kg pull then seconded that with a 142.5kg success in her second. Andi put everything into her last lift and managed to grind out 150kg to put her total at a nice 355kg and 12th overall.
Richard Hozjan was our last lifter competing in the tough -120kg Men’s Open division. His opening 270kg Squat was ruled not deep enough by the judges then a 275kg second attempt was ruled red as well for the same reason. Richard stayed calm and composed and came out to power through his third lift getting 3 white lights and survival in the competition. Richard came into the bench press as a strong contender. His opener at 207.5kg moved fast and his second attempt went to 212.5kg was just as easy. He put the weight to 217.5kg for his final bench but was not successful this time. His 212.5kg successful second attempt placed him 5th in the Bench overall. Into the Deadlifts and Richard opened a 292.5kg which moved fast followed by a 305 then a 315 success now holding the APU National Record total of 802.5kg in the -120kg Open Class division. Richard placed 11th overall in the Open -120 class.

To Sum Up:
APU sent 14 Athletes to IPF WCPC 2018 Calgary, Canada.

  • Femmy Ayegun
  • Julie Henderson
  • Kelvin Aitken
  • Dean McGarry
  • Brigot Pugh
  • Cass Pickard
  • Zoe Deeks
  • Sean Muir
  • Ewan Belgrove
  • Rachel Jones
  • Kevin Bui
  • James Frecklington
  • Andi Carlisle
  • Richard Hozjan

APU has 5 World Champions

  • Femmy Ayegun
  • Brigot Pugh
  • Cass Pickard
  • Ewan Belgrove
  • Rachel Jones
  Squat     Bench Press     Deadlift     Total (combined 3 lifts)  
Gold Silver  Bronze Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze  Gold Silver Bronze
    Femmy Ayegun Femmy Ayegun     Femmy Ayegun     Femmy Ayegun    
  Kelvin Aitken       Kelvin Aitken           Kelvin Aitken
                Dean McGarry      
          Brigot Pugh Brigot Pugh     Brigot Pugh    
Cass Pickard           Cass Pickard     Cass Pickard    
        Zoe Deeks              
Ewan Belgrove     Ewan Belgrove           Ewan Belgrove    
Rachel Jones             Rachel Jones   Rachel Jones    
                Kevin Bui      



(By: Sean Muir – APU Ltd President)


Source: https://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/championships/results/2018/world-classic-powerlifting-championships-2018.html