APU – Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA) Announcement


Dear APU Members, 

ASADA and the Australian Powerlifting Union (APU) have been working closely together to develop a relationship to ensure that the sport of powerlifting can provide the opportunities for all our athletes to compete in a sport with the best available anti-doping systems available.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the ASADA has approved the APU’s anti-doping policy and has thereby engaged in an agreement to work together and provide anti-doping services for all APU members within.

What does this now mean for APU members?

APU will see ASADA at events held under the APU banner. This will provide the sport with more scope as the cost for testers in some areas will be reduced.

All members will be required to familiarise themselves with the new APU anti-doping policy, which are now on the APU website:



APU members can download the ASADA app. The app will allow you to “check a medication”, ”report doping”, “check a supplement” and “give feedback”.

More details can be found here: https://www.asada.gov.au/tech

What does this mean for ASADA?

ASADA has a number of responsibilities including:

  • planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and advocating improvements in Doping Control
  • cooperating with relevant national organisations, agencies and other Anti-Doping Organisations
  • encouraging reciprocal Testing between National Anti-Doping Organisations
  • planning, implementing and monitoring anti-doping information, education and prevention programs
  • pursuing potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction, including investigating whether Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel or other Persons may have been involved in each case of doping, and ensuring proper enforcement of Consequences
  • conducting an automatic investigation of Athlete Support Personnel within its jurisdiction in the case of any anti-doping rule violation by a Minor and of any Athlete Support Personnel who has provided support to more than one Athlete found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation
  • cooperating fully with WADA in connection with investigations conducted by WADA pursuant to Article 20.7.10 of the Code
  • where funding is provided, working with the relevant body to ensure that relevant funding is withheld to an Athlete or Athlete Support Personnel while he or she is serving a period of Ineligibility for violation of anti-doping rules.

What does this mean for APU?

The objectives of the Anti-Doping Policy is to:

  • comply with the Code, ASADA Act, ASADA Regulations (including the NAD scheme) as amended from time to time
  • promote the integrity of our sport by deterring doping in our sport.

The engagement of ASADA for APU is an important step forward for the APU to provide confidence amongst the members, community and potential stakeholders. The relationship between APU and ASADA will provide us with tools needed for the governance of a highly functional sporting organisation.

ASADA provide a number of educational courses online. Some of these will become necessary to complete for eligibility for selection into State and National teams. Others may be necessary for persons taking on certain roles or returning from Sanction. The Club Affiliate manager, Coaches and officials will be required to complete courses for eligibility into roles. APU will also engage ASADA to conduct presentations and workshops for APU’s State branches and club affiliates.

While each APU member is ultimately responsible to comply with APU Anti-doping policy, APU will provide measures to prevent the “avoidable” violations of anti-doping policies of members by providing Education and Awareness.

Overall, the incredible results that have been achieved by APU in such a very short time are due to the relentless efforts of many, and the confidence in us from you, the members. This is another achievement that has been developed by the hard work put in by many.

On behalf of the APU Board, thank you for your continued support.

We will continue to work towards growth and move our sport forward.


Yours in Strength

Sean Muir

President APU Ltd