Dear APU NSW Members,


We hope you and your loved ones are well in these troubling times. We apologise for the delay in getting this information to you, but ask for your understanding given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation here in NSW.


2020 APU NSW State Championships

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and in fairness to those APU members disrupted by COVID-19, APU NSW will not run the 2020 APU NSW State Championships as a stand-alone event.

This is not a decision made lightly as considerable planning and effort had already been invested into preparing for what was sure to be the biggest and most exciting championship event yet held by the APU. We empathise with the lifters, the PTs and Coaches, the Gym owners and all the communities who have been affected by COVID-19, and hope to make up for it at the 2021 APU NSW State Championships.

But don’t write NSW off for 2020. APU NSW are looking to host many high-quality local comps once restrictions have lifted from July 1st, which for all intents and purposes will all count as NSW State Championship events.


2020 APU Nationals Qualifying

2020 APU Nationals is still scheduled for 23-25 October on the Gold Coast, and will combine Bench Press and 3-Lift, Classic and Equipped for all age groups. Qualification and selection of the APU NSW team for the 2020 APU Nationals will be based on a lifter’s performance in any sanctioned APU/IPF competition held after 2019 APU Nationals, ensuring the lifter meets the qualifying total, and so long as the competition was not a push/pull or novice competition. Qualified lifters not selected for the APU NSW team will still be eligible to compete at Nationals, in accordance with current APU By-Laws and regulations.


NSW State Champions

Further, APU NSW State Champions will still be awarded for 2020. Champion selection will be based upon all APU NSW lifter’s performance in any sanctioned APU local competition held after 2019 APU Nationals so long as that was not a push/pull or novice competition.


Why can’t we just run a State Championship? After all, QLD and the other states are running or have run States…

There are many contributing factors. Our chosen venue is using the COVID-19 shutdown to complete necessary upgrades and won’t be available until September. Our lifters have been locked at home more so than the other states, many unable to train on appropriate equipment for the past 3 months. Our state will be the last to reopen community sports and we believe there is not enough time for our lifters to prepare for a minimum of two or three competitions (local, states and nationals) between now and the end of the year without increasing the risk of burnout or injury. We are also worried that NSW COVID-19 safety management policy will mean that a large indoor competition is too difficult to run. But fear not, all of the lessons learnt from planning 2020 States will be built upon for bigger and better things next year.


For more information, please contact APU NSW State Manager & APU NSW Working Committee (nsw.teamcoach@powerlifting-apu.com and insanityasylum@hotmail.com)