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  UPDATE  (IPF Announcement) 27 July 2020 Dear IPF Member Federations, dear Lifters, With this information, the IPF announces the termination of the Equipment License Agreement between the IPF and Metal Sports with immediate effect of the reason of non fulfilling the agreement terms. The result of this agreement termination is that Metal Sports Equipment […]

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  AUSTRALIAN POWERLIFTING UNION (APU) HAS BEEN ACCEPTED AS A PROVISIONAL MEMBER OF ASIAN POWERLIFTING FEDERATION (APF)   Dear APU members, The Australian Powerlifting Union has been accepted as a provisional member of the Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF) starting at 1st January 2021. The move away from the Oceania Regional to Asian Powerlifting Federation provides […]

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Sport Integrity Australia as the National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) in Australia from 1 July 2020

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  Dear APU Members,   Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd. Anti-Doping Policy has been amended and is effective 10 August 2020. The changes bring our sport in line with the establishment of Sport Integrity Australia which will replace the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) as the National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) in Australia from 1 July 2020. The changes which […]

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  RE: 2020 APU NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS UPDATE   Dear APU NSW Members,   We hope you and your loved ones are well in these troubling times. We apologise for the delay in getting this information to you, but ask for your understanding given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation here in NSW.   2020 […]

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IPF-News World

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Dear all, Please see important Newsletter attached from the IPF President.   Source: […]

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Covid-19_Update State Championships

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  Dear APU members,   Given the current situation impacting sports in different ways, APU will look at it in a “uniquely Powerlifting” way and we will prepare to re-introduce competitions with a dynamic but flexible approach allowing leeway for preparation.   Each theory we present is unique due to differences in each state due […]

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  Dear Member Federations,   After having switched in 2018 to the new IPF Formula, the IPF did an evaluation of this method in 2019. This evaluation has been done by a team consisting of Oleksandr Kopayev, Dr. Borys Onyshchenko and Dr. Anatoliy Stetsenko. The reason for this evaluation is, because we realised that the Formula we implemented in […]

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COVID-19_Extensions of APU Membership

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Dear members of APU, EDITED VERSION We hope you are all staying safe and well. The APU will be adding 6 months membership to all current yearly members from 1 March, 2020 to ensure that your time in restricted conditions is covered when this all ends. e.g: Member xx joined 2 March 2019 – expires […]

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APU_COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR AUSTRALIAN POWERLIFTING UNION Ltd. MEMBERS   The wellbeing of our members and the public is of paramount importance to APU. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and would like to reassure our members about the steps we are taking in response. We continue to closely monitor the advice of the […]

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Coronavirus information for competitions in the Australian Powerlifting Union

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  Guidelines for holding competition during COVID 19   Public Gatherings: A public gathering is any function or event attended by a group a people. On the 15th March 2020 NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard made an order under Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 to force the immediate cancellation of events where […]

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